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Provoke Magazine

Well some of you know I am a former representative for the Provoke Magazine at my school. Well it was years ago… And now I AM BACK!!!!!! I have two pages of my face Provoke’s Magazine.

I am at the left holding a puppet with my friend Edo who is wearing fangs.
And I am in another 3 photos whose posing madly at the right. The pictures are with yellow dots.
See the below image for clearer resolution.

Three Pictures of me with my hair open up wide. (I am the short one) I’m with other friends of mine. Nunus, Denis dan Fitri. You can also read my name at the right side of the page next to the yellow dot.
It’s written:
Dea Safira Basori FKG Trisakti / Alumni 78



  1. chi chi

    gw kaget banget loh de waktu ngliat foto lo di provoke,awalnya ga ngeh,gw kira cuma mirip,eh taunya di bagian kanannya beneran ada tulisan nama lo hahaha 😛

  2. dea dea

    HHhHAAA…. iya chi… gue dulu repro… jadi ya koneksi lah dan kebetulan si tante pink naksir ama gue… hahahaha!!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Opulently I agree but I think the brief should prepare more info then it has.

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