Dea is a dentist, a writer, a content creator, and a founding editor for Empuan. She graduated as a dentist from Trisakti University and did her Master’s degree in International Relations from Pelita Harapan University.

Currently, she practices in Jakarta and writes for Perempuan Mahardhika and VoxPop, while nurturing Empuan. While at the same time she writes about health and gender on DRG.DEA.

 In her spare time, she practices Javanese Dance Surakarta styled in Jakarta.


EMPUAN: Empowering Women Through Writing Mentorship

Dea founded Empuan in January 2020, a platform in guiding women to write their voices. At Empuan, she nurtures young women to write and develop their voices through crafted articles. She made sure every article sent to Empuan gets feedback and a reply. Most of the authors are young women who are looking to learn how to write and voice their opinions. She guides the young female authors by asking them questions and shows how they can formulate an article that is easy to read on the eyes. She revises articles and edited so we can

Dea works and manages on Empuan’s website, and maintains social media to make sure every writer gets a publication after their article is being published. She designs the website and social media materials.  If you are a woman and apart of the LBT community, she invites you to write for Empuan.

DRGDEA:  Analyzing Health Problems through Gender Perspective

Working as a dentist has given Dea a perspective on how to look at health problems. Her patients have inspired her into looking at the strings between health issues and social problems. It gave her the tool to analyze the cause of the disease. She sees social issues especially gender as the underlying cause of a lot of illnesses. The way the health system is designed does not answer the challenges women and men face today. A lot of work hazards impact women and men differently. Moreover, poverty and environmental problems have impacted the ways people suffer from certain illnesses. 

In her blog at DRGDEA, she writes her analysis and perspective on health and social issues that are at the intersections of women’s health problems. Her health concerns focus on oral health, reproductive health, occupational safety and health, and mental health.

PEREMPUAN MAHARDHIKA: Writing and Delivering Women’s Issues 

Dea enjoys writing for Perempuan Mahardhika as it has given her a broader perspective on women’s issues. She sees the intersectionality of the oppression and women’s struggle to fight for women’s liberty. 

Dea works with Perempuan Mahardhika to write about the community they work with. Perempuan Mahardhika works with women’s labour workers, LBT labour workers and young adult women collectives to build women’s movement. She delivers perspective on certain social fenomenas. She also does reports on Perempuan Mahardhika’s activities and manages the website. She does editorial work with other fellow writers to edit their articles and reports.

Read more of Dea’s works at Perempuan Mahardhika.



In July 2019, Dea has published her first Indonesian book called Membunuh Hantu-Hantu Patriarki. Her first book was written in Indonesian language and published by an independent book publisher. It consisted her essays from 2017 to 2019. that was previously published at VoxPop. She talks about current trending issues during the time that revolves around women’s movement. She discusses on the ways young adult women can reach her potential and find ways to fulfill themselves. Her writing is considered empowering and enriching the souls of many young Indonesian women.