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Attending ASEAN UNITE 2011 Youth Model Conference

On the 8th and 9th December, AIESEC UI held ASEAN UNITE 2011. The purpose of the event was to introduce the youths about ASEAN and to make it a sustainable community.

The 8th was the conference which I wasn’t a big fan of because it was all about economy and politics and all that. I went with Fauzan but we only attend it like about 3 hours or so. But there was this one person that amazed me so much, she was the president of KOWANI (Kongres Wanita Indonesia or Indonesia’s Women’s Congress) DEWI MOTIK. She is a highly inspiring profile.  hat i love about her is that she told us not to let Al Qur’an manipulate you. I really couldn’t tell what she really said here because I am afraid people will take it differently.

Then on the 9th was the REAL thing. It was more alike with The Student Executive Council meeting Rayon I, Coordinator of Private Higher Education Region III but this time it was more conductive, because the youths that wasn’t prioritizing the university where they came from which is really good. It was moreover making ASEAN feels that it belongs to us, the youths.

I met many friends and got to see different perspectives. Luckily my motion: ASEAN YOUTH NETWORKING was finally resulted though it was rejected like about three times in the conference but then my friends finally realized it that it is very important for us to build this kind of community to make the sense of belonging amongst ASEAN YOUTH. I also added that we could use the ASEAN NETWORKING to help the government reach MDGs, thankfully Andre the Best Delegate understood it and tried to implement it in the draft resolution.

What I love from this kind of conference is that we get to bring our ideas and develop it into something that we could work together on.