Behind the shot of the Journalistic Extracurricular Photoshoots

So today, I did some photoshoots for the Journalstic Extracurricular. It was done in room 2.10 in SMAN 78 – 78 Senior High School. These are the photos before and after the photshoots.
Me, Lita and Ijul preparing for the shots

Lita and I after the shots

Testing some photos with (from left) Ewi, Nia, Me and Lita

Ewi, Nia, Me, Uppe, Wini and Lita

I wished I didn’t tie my hair like this. Not sweet

My best friend and chair mate at eleventh grade, Raden Roro Dewo Ratnasari or Ewi

Before the shots

I don’t have the results yet but it would be published in the Annual School Yearbook

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  1. dea, gue kopi ya “it’s the FIVE things you call it” sama “100 truths” bagus kata2nya…
    tapi ngga bakal gue kopi buat posting kok hehe

    “I think having a gay friend might be cool”
    bener bgt dea. GUE PUNYA BESTEST, dia guy.
    bahkan ada yang lesbi, hehe

    bener2 rumit!Tapi asyik!

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