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Product Review: Moringa Night Cream by Botanica Essential

This is my first product review that I really wanted to write. It took a lot of thinking to finally start writing about products especially when it comes to cosmetic products, but now I am giving it a go on local products based on traditional recipe.

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International Women’s Day in Jakarta

Here are the list of events celebrating International Women’s Day in Jakarta.   International Women’s Day Events in JakartaAcara peringatan Hari Perempuan Sedunia di Jakarta1.…

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The War is not Over Yet

I am back.

Facebook has reactivated my account.

To those of you who have genuinely and constantly supported me through the 50 hours of battle against Facebook on banning me, all I could say is that: You are all Heroes, without you I am nothing and I am humbled by your time and energy to make this happen, and I will always forever be in your debt.

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Media Highlights on the Facebook Incident

These are the clipping of the news I was featured during my Facebook incident.

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My Public Appeal to Facebook

Facebook had suspended and disabled my account for posting The Culture of Real Indonesian Women as they deemed as “nudity” and “sexually explicit”.┬áSince I posted the album it had gone viral in the last 24 hours with almost 3000 shares. But then Facebook have decided to shut down my account and offered me to write an appeal if I want to get my account back. They shut my account down around 7 p.m. (Indonesian time). I finally wrote back the appeal and submitted at 12 a.m. Here is the appeal:


Cinta Bersemi di Rangoon

Hah? Rangoon? Ragunan kali ya? Rangoon atau Yangon adalah ibukota negara Myanmar (Burma) yang merupakan salah satu negara ASEAN. Mungkin yang kalian dengar dari Myanmar adalah diskriminasi yang terjadi pada warga Muslim Rohingya yang terusir dari Myanmar menggunakan kapal menuju negara lain menjadi pengungsi yang akhirnya diselamatkan oleh nelayan Aceh. Myanmar juga terkenal dengan biksu nasionalis yang berusaha menjatuhkan agama lain. Sama halnya dengan Indonesia yang memiliki kelompok agama tertentu yang berusaha menjatuhkan agama lain.


Meditasi Vipassana Untuk Semua

Apa sih meditasi vipassana? Kenapa kita bisa mendapatkan ketenangan jiwa? Gimana ceritanya? Pasti kamu pindah agama ya? Pasti pertanyaan itu yang akan terbesit dibenak kamu alau mendengarkan meditasi Vipassana.

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Thanks For Not Choosing Me

I am always this woman whom Men find me attractive then somehow they approach me, and suddenly they want to go all serious with me,…

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