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Product Review: Moringa Night Cream by Botanica Essential

This is my first product review that I really wanted to write. It took a lot of thinking to finally start writing about products especially when it comes to cosmetic products, but now I am giving it a go on local products based on traditional recipe.

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Beef Rendang Calzone and One Two Tea by @JJRoyalBistro

Just last week, I went with a group of friends to try this sort of new place at Senayan City, Jakarta. We went through a bunch of menus from different restaurants that was displayed at the entrance of each restaurant at the lower ground floor of Senayan City. Nothing compelled us or challenged us to try. The menus were too familliar but a bistro made us stop at one point and made us wanted to try the place so bad because of it’s interior design, JJ ROYAL BISTRO.

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Being a “BETCH” – The Guide to take Control of your happiness

When you hear the word BETCH you might think of it as a prostitute or a whore. But today’s modern world there are mainly two types of woman:

  1. Yes Girl / Nice Girl 
  2. Feminist / Betch / Bitch 

Some of you might think that it takes to be a NICE GIRL to get what you want. Being NICE or saying YES that sounds everything so good will bring you the normal happy life you would always wanted. And being Nice to men and to everything in your life will eventually brings you good luck. And that you are okay being just a housewife who stays at home and take care of the children. Cause you know your happy by being Nice.

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Seni Berfikir Jernih

Judul diatas adalah sebuah terjemahan dari buku karya Rolf Dobelli. Saya juga awalnya enggak tahu itu siapa Rolf Dobelli, saya hanya diberikan kesempatan untuk membeli…

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Belajar Menggemari Museum

Mungkin bagi beberapa orang mengunjungi museum itu sangat membosankan, sangat kuno, sangat basi, namun bagi saya itu adalah pengalaman yang menyenangkan. Bagi anak-anak masa kini…

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My faith is MY FAITH

I was born a Muslim, went to a Catholic School, grew up in all sort of communities with different kinds of religion, yet I still…


Bali's Prada in Remaja Ceria West Jakarta's 2008

This is a flashbak of an event I followed up in 2008. I was the second winner. The contestants were supposed to wear Bali’s Prada.

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made in south africa

As I was digging for more fashion treasures. I found this beautiful gemstones.I remembered that my family bhought this when we went to South Africa…

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Five Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Five Pieces Every Woman Should Own1. A dark – preferably black – lean suit: The jacket and trousers can be worn separately for more mileage…

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