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The places Dea has been.

Cinta Bersemi di Rangoon

Hah? Rangoon? Ragunan kali ya? Rangoon atau Yangon adalah ibukota negara Myanmar (Burma) yang merupakan salah satu negara ASEAN. Mungkin yang kalian dengar dari Myanmar adalah diskriminasi yang terjadi pada warga Muslim Rohingya yang terusir dari Myanmar menggunakan kapal menuju negara lain menjadi pengungsi yang akhirnya diselamatkan oleh nelayan Aceh. Myanmar juga terkenal dengan biksu nasionalis yang berusaha menjatuhkan agama lain. Sama halnya dengan Indonesia yang memiliki kelompok agama tertentu yang berusaha menjatuhkan agama lain.


Jember in a day or two

I only had little time to attend the Indonesian Dental Student Association Yearly Meeting (MUNAS PSMKGI XIII) which was the last two days so I decided to extend my stay a day and not feel bad about the tickets that costed around almost $100 (round trip) to get there. I took the flight from Jakarta to Surabaya, then from Surabaya to Jember, East Java, (where the meeting was held) by train in just four hours.

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There is never a goodbye, it’s always See You Next Year

Last year was all about sailing to Komodo Island, a month which I took a leave from the clinic, This year I took a trip…

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Dental Charity Service in Ambon

Finally it was my turn in the clinical year so that I could do my charity work as a requirement to finish dental school. The yearly committee that flies the clinical students for charity work chose AMBON, MOLLUCAS, INDONESIA to have done the charity work there.

I am not afraid to go to ambon even though the ugly rumors about the fights might still be going on. And when I arrived there, my friends and I were greeted by the dancers (which were of course hired by the committee) totally impressed. I had a six nights stay, 3 days for social work and the other 3 for sightseeing.

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Historical Sana’a – Yemen

When people found out I am traveling to Yemen, most of them were confused and bizzared with questions such as “Why Yemen?” I did not choose Yemen and was also confused how could I answer that. So the thing is my father was posted there and I was also visiting my parents and see how the things in Yemen.


TDL.13 – “I do not want to get stucked at one place”

My biggest fear is to get stucked in one place for a long time and never having the chance to travel. And just now I met someone that brought my spirit back to life.

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First Time Traveling Alone

I had been alone in planes while traveling to one places but then I meet people who is ready to take me around and I am sure where I was going to stay. But in my legal age which is 21 I was finally able to travel alone with small budget.

I flew to Bali knowing that I am going to meet my english teacher while I was in India. I took the flight alone on the 21st of May 2014. When I arrived I already made an appointment with a couchsurfer who was willing to host me. His name was Mike and was very kind to pick me up at the airport at night. I told him I want to go out and have a small sightseeing, so he took mo to PotatoHead Bali.


Mike introduced me to his gang of friends who worked in the hospitality field which were high class hotels. We chat a bit and I was amazed by how young and enthusiastic they were in their career. I listened to their stories and was amazed they have gone through such hard times in a young age. I envy them because they had the chance to live and work in such a nice place in Bali.

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Still learning from my tuition teacher of 13 years ago

“Some things are just too priceless” – Nafisa.

In 1999 my Dad was posted in Mumbai, India and his family came with him including me. I was 6 years old by then, little of English I know of. I also moved into a school in India which also made me have to learn english.

So my Dad called me in a tuition teacher, she was Nafisa Parikh. My first session with her was kind of weird. Well my Mum told me I would be having someone to teach me English and so on, but I still could not figure it out as a child.

When Nafisa came for the first time, I tried to figure out what she was saying. I remembered sitting down in my room at Sahil Hotel and she would talk in English and try to teach me something. She was using body language to show me what I should do. 

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Menikmati pagi di Situgede

Dari Jakarta menuju Tasikmalaya menggunakan kereta api dapat ditempuh selama 6 hingga 8 jam, tergantung lalu lintas kereta api, karena saat saya menuju Tasik ternyata…

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