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Doing Dental Health Promotion in English

I had the most amazing chance to do dental health promotion in Jayakarta Montessori School. It was really lovely. the kids were wonderful. I am sorry I could not share the pictures due to the policy of the school. I am so happy to have the chance to encourage children below the age of 10 to keep their healthy clean.

It was my third dental health promotion this year and it was my first that I did in English. I never thought that my English were still fluent and the kids understood what I said. I had no dialect so it was easy to go through with.

The children were so welcomed, and I never thought that the oldest were so smart. They told me about their experiences with the dentists and most of them does not have cavities. I explained the important of keeping their teeth clean and healthy to 30 children from the age of 2 years to 9 years.

First it was pretty hard to teach children in playgroup how to brush their teeth right, because they don’t understand much. Then the kindergarten was pretty fun.

I had a small bond that I share with one of the children from kindergarten. She was from Sweden and spoke a little of Russian but won’t show me when she speaks in Russian. I really liked her so much and she is the most kid I missed the most. Then there was this little boy who had speaking problems, but he was so cute and nice and handsome. Then there were the trio J brothers where their names started with the letter J.

It was so fun to have held that Dental Health Promotion, and then I realized I used to want to be a teacher. And may be someday I’ll make that childhood dream come true.