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Inspired by Asad Amar, Saidu Solihin and Hijrah Saputra

When I was holding a movie screening and talkshow at the first and only Trisakti Movie Club last Saturday, I invited two of my seniors from Trisakti, they are Asad Amar and Saidu Solihin. Both of them are from Trisakti’s Faculty of Economy. Recently they just launched a film called “Sang Pialang” earlier this year, a movie about the life of stock exchange brokers.

Dea hosted the Trisakti Movie Club Talkshow with the film makers of Sang Pialang, Asad Amar and Saidu Solihin.
Dea hosted the Trisakti Movie Club Talkshow with the film makers of Sang Pialang, Asad Amar and Saidu Solihin.


We talked and talked about the movies at the talkshow segment. And they are the proof that no matter what background you come from you can still make your own movie as long as you have the will and the guts. Asad Amar said: “I’m a producer and I understand economics, and through that I can integrate those two knowledges to make a movie that gives much information on how the stock exchange industry really is.” Senior Asad Amar is the kind of person who knows what he is doing, he can integrate and combined his knowledges and make a whole new level of Indonesian film.

The same with Senior Saidu Solihin. He is an experct in stock exchange and has a big concern in the Indonesian Film industry, he even made his own production house. He said: “I’m an economic expert who cares about the national film industry which cannot stand as a host in its country itself.” He surely knows what he is saying cause he cares and would do anything. In the porcess of the Sang Pialang shooting, he managed to pull everythin together having a helicopter lend to him for free, lending the Indonesia Stock Exhange for free, having the expensive car to be lend by a rich broker for free too. And oh my God! really almost for all those glam stuffs you see in the movie of SANG PIALANG is literally being lend to him by his friends. I salute him to his feet.

You see, even though Senior Asad or Saidu did not go to film school or even learn what is film in their youth days of college, but they get the essence to the roots of the industry they work in either its the film industry or the stock exchange industry. With years of experience they lived up their life the they believe they CAN HAVE and DO.

And just today, I met my lovely senior from Kapal Pemuda Nusantara which is Hijrah Saputra, the owner of Papa Piyoh! I knew him through a friend and only got his blackberry pin without even meeting the person first, but when I arrived at Banda Aceh this afternoon, I knew I had to dig up more of his experiences and have him tell his awesome stories.

Hijrah took me to sight see Aceh. It was the first time I met him and he was very hospitable.
Hijrah took me to sight see Aceh. It was the first time I met him and he was very hospitable.

I had Hijrah telling me all his experiences and I never thought that he knew my friends too, Such as Brata Kartasasmita and Doddy Matondang. After soon meeting Hijrah, he took my friends and I to see different kind of places in Banda Aceh. From the boat that got stucked on a house, to the Sultan Iskandar Muda tomb, Aceh Museum, Aceh thanks to the World – Blang Padang and the Putri Pang’s Garden. He told me legendaries in Aceh and the people that comes from it.

Hijrah was so generous that he paid the lunch of five people he just met!!! I was so lucky to have met him. He gave me insights and understandings that I could be someone different someone who could deliver something and stand out from the crowd.

Hijrah actually studied urban design, but after graduating he started his own business called Piyoh. A brand that focuses in Aceh’s tourism especially Sabang in providing the souvernirs and tourism hospitality branding aid. He understood about city architecture but decided to approach his ability in a different way by combining his skills in designing and tourism.

I am very lucky to meet these three people. These people are the guidelines for me and they are the compass to make me believe that I could do more and be and individual in a whole new different personal brand. At least these are the ones that I should keep in contact with, these are the people that I should cherish and be grateful to ever met them in the first place. These are the people who inspired me to be more than just a dentist and a whole different percent.

Asad Amar is a film maker that understands economy and has the ability to produce a film based on the economic situation.
Saidu Solohin is an economic specialist that has a concern in film industry and wishes to help the film industry it self.
Hijrah Saputra is an urban design expert that knows how to combine brand design and tourism to increase the Aceh tourism.

next thing you’ll be hearing…

“Dea Safira Basori is a dentist that knows how to integrate public health, film making, marketing and communication skills to a whole new level of CREATIVE PUBLIC HEALTH CAMPAIGN.”

 Check Hijrah Saputra on his blog and twitter.

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