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Finding Art, Defining Me

Lately I have been buried in a lot of activities and forgot to write on my blog. I even forgot to have joyful post of what I have learned this far in being an adult.

I do not consider myself mature. I do no consider myself wise but I do know that I’ve known what define me as a woman. So I took so many performing art classes in a week. From acting, contemporary dance, Javanesse dance and Waranggono (Javanesse singing specialty). Sometimes I take the Indonesian Martial Arts called Silat.

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Jember in a day or two

I only had little time to attend the Indonesian Dental Student Association Yearly Meeting (MUNAS PSMKGI XIII) which was the last two days so I decided to extend my stay a day and not feel bad about the tickets that costed around almost $100 (round trip) to get there. I took the flight from Jakarta to Surabaya, then from Surabaya to Jember, East Java, (where the meeting was held) by train in just four hours.

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