TDL.04 – World Oral Health Day

When it comes to oral health, no one really seemed to matter that there is a real date to celebrate it. Yes there is a date. The FDI had set a date to celebrate the World Oral Health Day on the 20th of March. The aim of this celebration is to remind people the importance of looking out for their oral health. Not everytime you get to see dental students, dentists and other dental related companies to get involved with the citizens and promote oral health.

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As a dental student, my friends from dental faculties of various universities (Trisakti University, UI, Moestopo University and Yarsi University) held a long march in Jakarta. The event was apart of a social agenda by the Dental Student Association of Indonesia or the PSMKGI. The long march was held on the 16th of March in the morning of car free day at the main street of Sudirman. Almost 30 dental students promoted the oral health with posters, baliho and stickers. We sang along with rhyming songs to make people realize the important of oral health.

In Indonesia, the society is used to the culture of brushing their teeth twice a day but they do this after every shower, the morning shower and the afternoon-evening shower. Around 78% of the citizens in Indonesia does this. They mostly goes to bed with their mouth full of debris from their dinner.

This habit is somehow good and somehow bad. And it is our duty as dental hygienist to promote and make them know how to take good care of their teeth. Telling people to at least remember to brush their teeth before sleep is hard but it’s better somehow to make them do it after they have their dinner. This will make them feel good about the fact having a fresh mouth after dinner.

I had seen many patients like this and a million times I had told them to brush their teeth before they go to bed but the reason is always the same, they always forget. So I tell them to do it after dinner because they will at least have a clean teeth and mouth after brushing it.

As a dental student I feel very sad about the condition of people’s oral health today and it is such a pity not many knows the right way to keep their oral health. And when it comes to toothache and the pain they went through, it is very stresful for them to keep going to the dentist and do a routine the checkup, either it’s financial, pshycological.

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