TDL.07 – When a Dentist Settles

Having an aunt, a cousin brother and a soon in law cousin sister as a dentist does has it’s own perks. You have a family-colleague to talk to whenever you are lost and you don’t know anything about the case you are dealing with. It’s cool, it’s fun and it’s awesome.

But when it comes to family, is it all that is?

Funny thing is, I love the idea of making a clinic together with my big family in it. Moreover I am planing to make a big Private Practice franchise like the one in the Private Practice series, the Oceanside Wellness. Sounds fun to have your own Wellness Center. (Yes… That is the name of my future franchise clinic)

But the thing is… Family is about settling down and when the word of settling down means buying a settled house, a settled job and a settled marriage, I guess I am not going anywhere.

I am currently 21. And I don’t give it much of a thought on marriage right now. I am not forcing and rushing myself into it. As I see the way my life is, there is much to enjoy before entitling yourself to someone.

I want marriage, I want to get married, have a husband, kids and a house. I want that. But what really bugs me is that, can I be going out too much while I have all this settled.

Yes, being a dentist as a profession means that you are already settled before you could ever thought of. But what if my idea of settling is not this?

My ideal of settling would be having a clinic that works and makes money even without me working there and then still travelling overseas to do various kind of projects every month.¬†And sometimes I really think that the idea of settling down with a clinic that consists of my family isn’t a bad idea. And after all my family would be the place where I will run to whatever happens. I have them, and I am so glad I do.

Just to keep in mind, nothing can ever stop me of being what I wanted to be.

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