The Deantal Life

TDL.09 – A Kiss goes Non Vital

Non Vital is the term for a dead tooth. When the tooth goes non vital it passes the stages of a messy sensation. Same as when you know there is something from the person you like turns you off. Literally turns you off. And while I am on the way to be a dentist when it comes to personal matters, there are certain things I’d like to address.

Because I am a soon to be dentist when it comes to personal issues I tend to judge people by how they keep their teeth clean and healthy. I must say that this is the way that dentists thinks. It would be weird enough if we don’t judge them the same way.

So, I am going to tell you of a brief romantic moment with a guy that completely made me turned off. I’ve been dating a guy. This guy and I were hanging out together everyday. I don’t think it was exclusive but we grew intimate together.

And after being together for somewhile, we kissed. It was then I realized that his two primary incissors (two front teeth) were fractured because of an incident which happened a year before we met. I think the diagnosis is really non vital. Both of the teeth only has one third of the crown. It was like a tooth being prepared for crown sementation, both of them looked like that.

When I knew about his teeth I confronted him of why he did not fix that sooner. He said he was too busy. Too busy? Seriously he was too busy with his friends and dealing with the faculty’s internal. He was busy going out with me, when all the time he has he could have just gone to a dentist.

No wonder he never smiled when he was around me. He never laughed. He never seem to talk too much. He just sat there with his good looking face and his awesome abs and tried to lured me when the fact he just have a messy looking teeth. This counts a lot.

And the part that I regret most is I did not realize about it until I kissed him. I mean I should have known that the normal appearance of a healthy looking primary incisors were the fact that their crown could be seen 2 milimetres below the upper lip.

Yeah, this was a lesson learned. And it does really turned me off with the fact that he did not care much about it. I despise people who seem not to care about their dental issues.

Luckily we both parted. It was for the best and he realized it by himself that I don’t want to be embarassed to be seen hanging out with him. I even thought of settling with him and think of him as a potential boyfriend. But it was really out of the question.

So, if you are someone who wants to date a dentist, make sure you at least have a clean and a good looking teeth. By writing this it does not mean I don’t care and I dislike people who has bad teeth but I dislike the attitude towards it and I really wanted to help but what if the person doesn’t want to be helped. This can go on and on and on.