TDL.11 – The Flirting Patient

I am sorry for writing this. It may sound UNETHICAL but sometimes I find myself in a very… Difficult situation. Like really the reversible pulpitis kind of situation, the kind of should I extract this tooth or not. I do social networking so much that my patients comes from a friend of a friend. And it always goes like that. Over and over again. But the thing is sometimes they don’t know how to behave. Like seriously when they meet me, they find me attractive and nice, well yes I have to, because it is the only way to keep my patient calm, relax and secure. Sometimes they take my niceness the wrong way.

They start asking me personal questions where you’d find these questions only if you are dating with this guy. Well there is nothing wrong but I still have to be nice, I try to stay ethical. I answered them nicely, smile, blink, and laugh. So here you go. When I am being ethical it is because I am learning how to be professional.  And let me remind you I do this to all my patients. So when I am being professional, it does not mean I accepted your flirtatious approach.

Am I bugged by these kind of patients?

Personally? Hell yeah. I am trying to do my job and you think it is cool to flirt with me? No, sir, no.

Am I okay if one of my patients flirt with me outside the clinic?

Tough question. Actually No. I don’t date my patients. Seriously, I don’t, it won’t take me anywhere.

How did these patients flirted with you?

Starting from asking personal questions and conversations, admitting he is a widow when he is married (this is so DUH!), and texting me with flirtatious things other than asking about dentist-patient relationship. Flirting with me or any other dentist is not wrong, but flirting with them while working their ass off to make you feel good is very annoying.

So if you really want to be treated nicely with the dentist you feel secure with, don’t flirt with them while doing so, it won’t get you anywhere.

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