TDL.14 – Life Drama

I have not written about my TDL diaries, well the truth is I ain’t got no drama. But today someone’s drama existed. I mean not just someone. It is also a whole bunch of other people. And unfortunately I had been missing a lot on people’s drama especially the drama that has been coming from my dental school friends. I am not going to write it in my view cause it would be harsh to do so, and so I am going to be the happy person who is just happy enough to watch their life timeline pass under my nose.

  1. Weddings

    Wedding season had finally come. It seems everyone is just so stuffed up with their weddings. A lot of my friends had tied the knot or is getting married.
    My cousin who is a dentist had already tied the knot and I am so happy for them. I really am happy cause at the end the grew up and finally stopped from all the crazy breakups and drama they went through.
    A friend who is also in my class had tied the knot just after two weeks of my arrival back to the clinic. I was in shock hearing the news about it through her twin sister. This adds up to the long list of dental students already married while at school.
    Two seniors who were very close and it was just unpredictable that they would eventually tied the knot before graduating.
    And another two brides to be which I am not familiar but is also in my year. The engagement party ceremonies and the pre wedding photos were posted on facebook.
    So in total I think there have been like 3 weddings and 2 weddings coming up, with makes them five in year already.In my case, I do not know if this is a sign of “Hey D, you should get a husband and get married” but the truth is I am sensing a more of “Hey D, are you sure you want to get married this young? You know this is not your thing.” I am pretty jealous actually but I have to stay in my rational mind. I am a rebel and I get bored easily. Being tied to one person at the time of my life is not my way. I don’t like to be summoned, I’d like to be encouraged.And I figured out how Love should be. Men who are so into their marriage-clicking-time expects a lot from a woman whom they are about to get married with. Well that is not love, that is just prison. I’ve seen a lot of women saying while their husbands forbid them to even go out with the ladies: “That is my destiny, there is nothing I can do about it.”
    Love is supposed to be encouraging and not imprisoning the people you love for your own benefit. I’ve seen my cousin supporting each other dental career which is wonderful, and I really hope my other friends who are married or getting married finds that in their spouses.
  2. Betrayals

    This is not supposed to be on my list but I had to write this down as this came along while I was hanging out with my cousin’s wife (a dentist too) with their gang of girls.
    We were having a small dinner while at a restaurant and these four girls discussed about their boyfriends who apparently happened to be a gang of friends, so these are the girlfriends’ gang. The youngest one which to me is the prettiest burst into tears while she talked about her ex who had been introducing other girls to his family and having so many affairs. His boyfriend apparently turned out to be the douche of the gang. Why would a pretty girl like her wind up with someone who is such an asshole? She was very pretty and clearly she could get any man she wants but ends up with someone so childish is looking for an adventure with other girls (well actually this douche sounds like me).
    And in the middle of her crying I’d really want to laugh my ass off. I know how her ex wanted to be adventurous, playful and explorating life, I know what it felt like and she should feel it too! Because to explore life is such an amazing experience, she should not be caught up in such sadness. She is so young and beautiful she should be happy doing the things she had never done before and not crying over some jerk.

    I never realised in my entire life that BOYS DRAMA EXIST! It existed and happened under my nose. And sniffing around it was kind of fun. Even guys could be dramatic about girls. They could also fight over a girl.
    Two of my friends, let’s say Jim and John. Jim was dating a girl named Eva and while in the middle of it Eva was texting John.  Jim knew about it so he confronted John. Then they went on silent mode for two weeks. So just today they decided to clear things about what has been happening. They say it is a love triangle.
    How could guys be caught up in such drama? Or may be I am just jealous not in the middle of it? (HAHAHAH)
    On the bright side, it’s good to see man’s value fighting over a woman they tried to hold on to.
    On the dark side, why fight over as if there is no other female on earth and making it look douchy and ruining friendships.

I have no drama to tell on behalf of my life.

I am just happy to where I stand because it is time to be grateful for what I have right now.

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