TDL.06 – Men-DentRaction

Men have issues when it comes to women, especially with female dentists!

Actually I am getting bored in knowing men and especially when they know I am a dentist. The whole first getting to know you conversation thing is boring! SO BORING! LAME! I answer the same questions over and over again… The questions goes like this:

So you’re a dental student?
You’ve graduated or still in school?
How long is the training?
Is it hard?
When are you going to finish the training?
What do you learn?
Can you do braces on me?
Can you do teeth whitening?


It is so lame. I really hate it. Maybe they were trying to be nice, maybe they were trying to get to know me, but I am so bored to have the same questions asked every now and then. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

They think dating a dentist is cool, she looks decent, she is smart, she knows how to take care of people (wife material) and it has respect and dignity. So it helps them to be proud of themselves because they can date a dentist!

And then it starts really cloudy actually… Which mostly I conclude that men just want to know whether:

Are you a probably suitable housewife and that you can do your job while doing the housing? – Typical Religious men who wants to turn a woman who has a job to be a housewife.

Do you need fun while you’re so frustated in your dental training things? – By men who just wanna have fun with you and dispose you like a disposal glove. (Fun, read: sex)

Oh I just wanna hang out with you. – By men who has secret agendas with you and try to make you fall for him.

Once in my life, I would like to be a not dentist. I want to go out and date a man who doesn’t know I’m a dentist. Oh wait… That would be my next research project.

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