TDL.08 – A not so Submissive-Housewife

I hate the idea that Female Dentist is an ideal job for a career-submissive-housewife. I am not saying that being a housewife doing all the chores and taking care of the children are wrong, but I don’t like how men takes it.

Indonesian men, well mostly traditional men who wants a wife surely wants them to be able to do all the housework. Is that really what women are born to do? Well it is not a demeaning job or anything, the fact is I take good care of my apartment every now and then and I enjoy cleaning my apartment, I enjoy it. But we are not created to be treated like this. And men just takes it all like that.

Mostly men does not appreciate women because they think it’s their job, their duty not a skill, and somehow women end up being a beaten servant of the household.

And then, Men know that being a dentist is a job which you could schedule the times. They know that you can be home in time. They know that you can make a clinic just next to your garage. They just know that you are SUPPOSED to juggle them both.

I love kids, I can do the house taks but when it comes to marriage and partnership I want to do it with someone whom I can share the duties together. Not just me. I want him whoever it is to work things out cleaning the house, paying the bills, whoever it is, to do it together.

I want to be appreciated, by means of appreciating is not taking it for granted and treat me like a servant. I want him to want to be apart of what I do. And not just wanting it but doing it.

Yeah so basicly when men comes to me and try to seduce me with all that sweet stuff so that I would do things for him like a submissive-housewife, I mostly run. And I take it on him. Cause I really don’t need someone to treat me like a maid and life servant.

So whoever is reading this, either you are a woman, or a man, or you are okay with the idea of being a submissive housewife it’s cool. But I’d like to stand and what I believe even if it makes me single.

I want to feel appreaciated of who I am.

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  1. It appears that your response to your experience happens because of two things, namely:

    1. You are a highly opinionated person
    2. You experience mostly men from the “bell curve” distribution

    Meaning you mostly meet men who have the traditional thought and “mission” to look for a woman who is submissive and therefore plays the traditional female role as according to his expectations.

    When you meet these men, your expectations collide. And you being a highly opinionated person, react with a very “lively” response (with the addition of colorful descriptive words).

    It seems to me that your life would be made easier, if you focus on the “tail curve” distribution of men — that is: men who are NOT looking for wives at all (on one end of the curve), and men who are looking for wives without submissive characteristics (on the other end of the curve).

    The question is then: how do you find these men? Where do you find these men? Have you found some of them?

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