Born in Surabaya of Javanese parentage, and the first child of 2 Children.

From the age of three months, her family had been assigned to the Middle East, Iran.  After being an Iranian resident for three and half years, she went back to Indonesia in 1996. Then she enrolled in SD Alhikmah for her first grade. Her family was moved to Mumbai, India in 1999. She attended Fort Convent of Jesus and Mary in her second and third grade. For couple of reasons, her family was posted to Lagos, Nigeria and she attended Martins International School for her fourth, fifth and sixth grade. She moved back to Indonesia in 2003. After that she attended SMP Negeri 110 Jakarta Selatan to complete her junior high school years. In 2006 she enrolled in SMA Negeri 78 and took science as her major studies for her senior high school years.
At the present day, she is practicing dentistry at one of the prestigious Dentistry School in Jakarta. In recent years she has helped and work in a few organizations and communities while also indulging herself in studying Javanese traditional classic dance Surakarta Styled, and providing content for a few Facebook FanPages. Other than that she had developed interests in International Affairs and Feminism.

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