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Dental Social Service in Aceh

I had the time to do Dental Social Service in Aceh. I got to Aceh on the 25th where on that day Hijrah took me around Aceh. And then I continued on a journey to Meureudu, Pidie Jaya, Aceh with…. I dunno… many other dental students from all around Indonesia and Aceh itself. And all the way in Aceh, I had to wear the Hijab, thanks its not the burqa or anything else.

The committee itself were all very kind to me, but we had different language and cultures so it was kind of hard to understand each others customs. Some of them think I was being harsh, well actually I was being Betawi-ish. In the face of Javanese, I’ll say that they had a way of speaking their language as very fast.

Speaking of doing dental work in Aceh, I had a day from 8 am something to 3 pm. I didn’t eat lunch and I felt dizzy.

Many of the cases I see are already worse, and most of them I had to give Temporary Restoration. Most of the tooth they complained are on the posterior and already non vital. I only worked on GIC restorations. With little light and uncomfortable way I had to be able to deal with the cases plus the back pain (thank god I am not pregnant).

I did not understand most of the language they use and had my assistant translate it for me. Most of the patients were adult with lack of oral hygiene and minimum understanding on how to keep their teeth clean. I feel bad for this kind of situation. I mean its the worse thing that any dentist would have to deal with.

The experience of of travelling as a dentist taught me certain things of course. It’s so sure that people with lack of oral hygiene mostly has the same cases such as carious lesions and many gum problems. Mostly they are not aware that their habits of eating and cleansing disorder is the actual cause of their dental diseases.