I am a Woman by Zena Agha

I am a woman
Who once was not created out of Adam’s ribs
But a woman who was created out of God’s Imagination
He created a beautiful creature something not meant to be trapped in a gilt cage without education
To be violated
And exploited to the source of men’s masturbation
This creature can deliver life
Through a cleft between legs
Mythical, the stuff of legends
It demeaned and degraded
They say no man is an island
But every woman is the water that surrounds it
She gives a life, power, and surging humanities forward
She is the one who raises you, takes blames for you, makes love to you
So yes

by Zena Agha


I really adore Zena Agha because she is opened about being a feminist and also a Muslim. The comments written for her is pretty much hateful but yes, a woman has the right for her life. No one in this world had the right to take that for granted.

And yet I am Muslim too but it would be a lie that I am happy with all the rules. I am not happy. So yes, I only pick up the things I could live with in being a Muslim, other than that it’s not apart of who I am.

Haters are going to hate my views into putting religion as a place to blame. I get that a lot. And I am fine. Because haters are going to hate, and they are not apart of my life. So why bother?