My Review, Review

My faith is MY FAITH

I was born a Muslim, went to a Catholic School, grew up in all sort of communities with different kinds of religion, yet I still chose to be a Muslim.

I am open up to the fact that history and the process of developing on faith to one that I believe today takes a lot more events in the history than it is today.

I have read verses from the Torah, Bible and Quran. Though I did not read all, I did not understand more of them, I am not an expert in so whatever but I find many similarities within the three religions. Judaism, Christian and Islam. The orthodox and the rules of lifestyle are mostly the same. As I could see that sex before marriage is not allowed, food has to be kosher, and as women we have to dress in a modest way to prevent men’s sexual attention.

In choosing my faith and what I believe in, I had to be able to be open to all kind of religions and knowledge. Judaism or Yehudah has been the oldest religion in history, then comes Christian and then Islam. I take a lot more focus learning this three religions because of the similarities and the foundation and history they were built-in.

Judaism are mostly known by the history of the prophet Abraham, Christian is more likely to the story of Jesus and Islam had made a final conclusion as the last religion to save mankind by in all means it tells the story from Adam, Idris, Nuh, Hud, Saleh, Ibrahim/Abraham, Lut, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Ismael, Jesus/Isaac, and so on having to have Muhammad as the last prophet and the messenger of God.

This is what I learn, please note that I am not an expert in these three religions.

Judaism, Christian and Islam are included as the Abrahimic religion. Abrahamic religions (also Abrahamism) are the monotheistic faiths of Middle Eastern origin, emphasizing and tracing their common origin to Abrahamor recognizing a spiritual tradition identified with him. As of the early twenty-first century, it was estimated that 54% of the world’s population (3.8 billion people) considered themselves adherents of the Abrahamic religions, about 30% of other religions, and 16% of no organized religion. The Abrahamic religions originated in the Middle East.

This is what I believe. The faith we see in mankind developed as so in religion. Judaism developed to Christian. Some Jews who didn’t believe in Judaism moved on  to be Christians. As the teachings of Christians developed into the Trinity doctrine, somehow it feels wrong to have God been born into a human and then got nailed on a cross. I see that entirely wrong to have believe that Isaac was nailed but I think Jesus was nailed.

Well that is the difference, Christians believe that Jesus got nailed because he was sacrificing his soul so that we all could live. But Muslims believe the spirit of prophet Isaac was taken to heaven and exchanged the body of Isaac with a traitor’s soul of one of Isaac’s followers. Because if Jesus was the reincarnation of God then why didn’t he do something while he was nailed on to a cross? I mean Jesus could do anything right? Including waking someone who is dead.

What I believe is that Isaac was rescued into heaven and is alive waiting for the end of the world where people will fight and so on and so forth. I guess the misunderstanding of the events of Isaac/Jesus in Christian led to the founding of Islam. Islam was sent as a religion to correct the misunderstandings in the previous religions of Judaism and Christian including their Torah and Bible. The Quran itself also says that the Torah and the Bible were also true. But it is need to be renewed.

So ever wonder why the Torah, Bible and Quran has a lot of similarities?

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I believe that GOD is only one. I am more of a monoesthetic person. I don’t believe that God was conceived or reincarnated or wed or is in a form of a statue a stone or anything else. I believe God is something greater than anything else in this universe. And it is beyond our capability.

We were all born the same. As a Human. But we are blessed with different DNAs, views, appearances. Our gifts, our blessing is actually a test from God. It’s a test on how we react to other people. God wanted to test us in every second of everyday that we survived through our differences and how we cope with others.

So why fight?
Why Argue?
Why put on a war?

I believe in Judaism, Christian and Islam, but I pray in the Muslim way. I praise and worship God in the Muslim tradition and choice. I am also a human being that I could make mistakes and be so stubborn about rules. I sometimes don’t even obey the rules but I’m doing in most ways I consider it the Muslim way.

Actually the truth is everytime I learned about other religion such as Judaism and Christianity, my faith towards Islam grew. I believe that Islam was the right choice and way I would want to live. I believe the Judaism and Christian teachings but I don’t have faith in doing their tradition. All religions taught us to love one and other and live peacefully. All religions taught us what is good and what is bad. The only thing that is different in our life is how we all managed to react on the events that has been happening to us. God will judge you by how you react. Cause life is a test.

So actually your faith is a choice. What you believe is also choice. I believe in many things but that does not make me an actual practicioner in that certain religion.

I am also Baha’i faith. It is hard to explain what Baha’i is but I stand with it’s principle but I pray and lives in the Muslim way.

I am a believer of many things. My faith is my faith. The only being to judge me better is God. Whatever you say ain’t gonna change my faith about God and what I believe in thee.


PS: I am not misguided. I am well guided enough. And I write this in full consciousness. I was not influenced by anyone. But it is what my logic and heart says.

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