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Product Review: Moringa Night Cream by Botanica Essential

This is my first product review that I really wanted to write. It took a lot of thinking to finally start writing about products especially when it comes to cosmetic products, but now I am giving it a go on local products based on traditional recipe. I am not a big fan of cosmetic products, I don’t wear night or day creams, or even skin lotion. I do have some products but I am pretty much lazy to apply it on a daily basis and I almost don’t believe what the ad tells, that I can get a lighter skin or a smoother skin by just using it in a month but I’d like to give things a try. So I buy things, but never intend to finish them, thus a bottle of lotion won’t run out in a year.

As I start reading about feminism and attending a post graduate course in International Relations, I stumbled upon ecofeminism who also shed a light about women who have a close relation with nature and earth. It also during this time, Yu Sukinah, a woman farmer who is fighting for the rights of her land against a cement company was interviewed in Mata Najwa, she said: “Because I am a woman and the earth is our mother. The mother who gave us water and nature so that humans can live. We were not born to destroy mother nature. If we destroy mother nature, she will be angry and natural disaster will occur, then who is going to be responsible of all this?”

This made me realize that we often find ourselves in the middle of pride when we buy products that are branded in such a way especially when we are able to afford such product that is beyond our expenditure. We tend to forget the impact on other small stakeholders.

I stumble upon Botanica Essential which was made in Bali. I soon got in touch with the owner and consulted about her products. Her name is Ade. She made sure I get the product that fits me and is needed for my skin.  I told her that my skin is a bit dry and that I wanted to look out for my skin since I commute using a motorbike everyday. She advised me not to used a lot of skin products because it might damage the skin and only told me to just use a night cream.

Ade asked me whether I wanted to have the Moringa Night Cream or the Botanica Essential Night Cream. Picked the Moringa Night Cream.

Moringa Night Cream’s ingredient is enriched with olive oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter. It helps in correcting the facial tone, rejuvenating, getting rid of blemishes, and firming facial skin. One small tube of Moringa Night Cream cost IDR 80.000 for 30 gr.

Enriched with olive oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter. Correcting the facial tone, rejuvenating, getting rid of blemishes, firming facial skin, while you sleep. IDR 80.000/30gr.
Enriched with olive oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter. Correcting the facial tone, rejuvenating, getting rid of blemishes, firming facial skin, while you sleep. IDR 80.000/30gr.

Since Ade lives in Ubud, Bali, she had to send the cream. The package arrived on the day it was intended to and it was really well packed. I soon started using it that night as I got it. I also had some blemishes that came after a pimple appeared so I get to see how much it affects my skin.

I have seen how Moringa worked on my skin and love it so much. I can feel how I wake up everyday feeling very rejuvenated. Most of my blemishes did really go away.

I quickly messaged Ade again to tell her that I am satisfied with her product. It’s so different than the other creams that says that they can remove the blemish away. When I used other creams, I use to feel like it’s hurting my kidney and I feel that my skin has a hard time absorbing it, but with natural products that was made straight out for you, it fits just well.

Ade explained to me that her product comes from traditional recipes and the ingredient consist of 80% local grown and organic. No wonder I feel that it’s much more healthier and fresh when I wake up.

I admire how Ade maintains her heritage by preserving traditional recipes. It is what we humans have become out of touch. We have forgotten our roots, and have opted something that is even unsafe for us. She also brings herself as a woman that is close to nature. She also helped me to make another traditional recipe to get rid of some problems, which is very helpful.

I am now trying to get rid of all my old products that I bought from big brands, and slowly moving to local and traditional products. It can also be a spiritual journey to redefine how we appreciate earth. Not just that it helps the small community and help to avoid further environmental impact.

I hope that I get to find more local products whose brand focuses on traditional recipes and community empowerment.

For further information on Botanica Essential products you can visit their instagram.