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Raising Awareness of Cancer in Children through Mothers

To commemorate the month of Cancer, Global Citizen Corps and Indonesian Youth Health Ambassadors on their sixth action held an action to spread the awareness of Cancer in children. In a 1,5 hour lecture with mothers of children from PAUD Al-Husna (Education for Early Childhood of Al-Husna) near the suburbs of East Jakarta, around Pondok Gede.

The team consisted of 8-10 university students that already had a brief training on Cancer in Children by Dr. Edi from RS Kanker Dharmais (Dharmais Cancer Hospital). And the target are the mothers of children. The aim of the event was to increase awareness that children or anyone could have cancer. Through this action, the mothers could be more aware of the symptom of cancer in children such as leukemia and retino blastoma.

Leukemia in children could be easily shown by the lack of energy, easily tired which made children always want to be carries, pale faces, fevers that keep coming and wounds that doesn’t heal fast. As for retinoblastoma, it is easily known by the short examination done by the physician called “red look in they eyes”. Retinoblastoma does not attack after the age of 5. The team encourages that if the mothers ever find their children in this condition, they should bring their children straight to the hospital for an examination, because if cancer is found in early stages, the chances to live a healthy life is high.

Twenty to twenty five mothers attended the event. They mothers amazed to know the how cancer can invade the body. Questions were asked beyond the the material given such as how breast cancer could be shown in their body. The team explains through personal experiences. They were welcome with the information given to them.

By increasing awareness, mothers are encourage to implement a healthy lifestyle in their children and avoid any factors that could trigger the cancer cell to develop.