IYHA’s Action #2: Chairity for Kids

In order to celebrate the World Mental Health Day on October and Human Rights on December, Indonesian Youth Health Ambassadors (IYHA) and Global Citizen Corps Indonesia (GCC Indonesia) paid a visit to Panti Tuna Grahita Belaian Kasih in Kalideres, a home for the difable (different but able e/mentally retarded) children in West Jakarta. The event was called CHA(i)RITY FOR KIDS and was held on the 20th of November 2011 with 22 participants (16 attending and 6 passive donators).

Inspired from Jane Aldridge’s Charitiy for Branded, Dea Safira Basori (www.deasafirabasori.com) as the project officer decided to plan an action with the same kind of activity which is drawing and coloring on a white chair. Fundraising was held through donations of the participants to purchase two white chairs and two sets of permanent markers. The aim of this event is to increase awareness about the existence of these children and eliminating boundaries through fun and communicative way which is drawing and coloring on the chair.

From 90 difable/mentally retarded children, only about 10-15 difable children who could participate due to their condition but that doesn’t stop the participants from having fun with and learning how to communicate with the children.

From this event, GCC Indonesia and IYHA hope that the participant of this event will understand the condition of the children and how to communicate with these kinds of children. With this event an unforgettable moment is created and experiences would be shared with friends and families.


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