So I decided to make an offline action, a small one actually. I called the action to SWEAR TO CROWD OUT AID, I made a photo collage of friends in Dental Faculty and Medical Faculty in Trisakti University with themselves holding a sign which stated: I PROMISE TO HELP AND TREAT PEOPLE INFECTED WITH HIV/AIDS.

So with this action I hope future health workers remembers that they are obliged to help and treat people with HIV and AIDS. It is more of increasing awareness. I took photos of 101 medical and dental students all together.


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  1. Hi Dea,

    we just wanted to say thank you for this amazing and inspiring initiative. We’d love to see more medical and dentistry students take a pledge to end HIV related stigma and discrimination in the health care setting (and beyond). We’d love to hear your idea of how you think we could scale this up!

    Send me an email. Mikaela/ UNAIDS youth programmes coordinator

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