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Conducting Dental Health Education in ENGLISH again

In one of my many experiences, I love talking in front of people, presenting ideas and knowledge. Today I had the chance to talk about Dental Health in English in Britzone English Club Indonesia at Kemendiknas Library. This opportunity gives me the chance to have my english used in dentistry. I was able to explain the process of cavity, braces, wisdom tooth surgery and so on.

The class started a bit serious but I succeeded to make it interactive. I had the audience asked many questions. Luckily I had Nurul Nuha afriend of mine from Malaysia and on Clinical Training in University of Moestopo. Nuha accompanied me and helped me in answering the questions. And I was so pleased yet grateful that I was able to bring a Malaysian speaker to also talk to the class.

Most of the audience in the class told me that they are mostly scared go to the dentist because it cost a lot more than it is expected and then I told them that we’re much luckier cause in the US it will cost 10 times morr expensive. I told them that by presenting about dental health I intend to prevent them from ever getting toothache and make them to be able to look out for themselves. They finally understood that its better to take an immediate action when they have a toothache.

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