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Holding the first Trisakti Movie Screening and Talkshow

So I gathered my team at the Department of Communication and Information to build Trisakti Movie Club on the 22nd of June 2013 with the movie itself being held is Sang Pialang. It was really hard at first because we had to fixed the venue when the speakers are already fixed. I had to convice the manager of Coffee Institute to lend us the venue and have a movie screening and talkshow at the place. The manager agreed to be only three hours but somehow I extend it to be like four hours.

Lovely is that Coffee Institute belongs to one of my seniors at Trisakti University, Doddy Matondang and The Producers of the film that I was going to do the screening was Asad Amar, a senior from Trisakti University. Asad gave us some merchandise and free screening which was awesome. Mr. Saidu Solihin the idea behind the story gave the idea of the movie that comes from stock exchange. He talked a little bit of stock exchange and the industry that runs in it.

At first not many people came from Trisakti. But when it was in the middle of the movie itself, people started coming. And then I heard that they want more of the screening itself. They want to see much more screenings and talkshows. I for once could not stay still and had to deliver everything right. Everything should be prefect the way as planned. And it did.  I was very glad to see Iwank, the president of Kepresma Usakti to come with his girlfriend. And Senior Angel to come and gave a well applause.

Though I didn’t get to know much of the movie itself but I was very lucky to have held this movie screening and talkshow with my team. And most of all that the people who came were all stunned by the movie. The watched the movie in such focus that I couldnt believe it myself. Until now I can’t believe that I was able to hold a movie screening for Trisakti.

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