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Dental Charity Service in Ambon

Finally it was my turn in the clinical year so that I could do my charity work as a requirement to finish dental school. The yearly committee that flies the clinical students for charity work chose AMBON, MOLLUCAS, INDONESIA to have done the charity work there.

I am not afraid to go to ambon even though the ugly rumors about the fights might still be going on. And when I arrived there, my friends and I were greeted by the dancers (which were of course hired by the committee) totally impressed. I had a six nights stay, 3 days for social work and the other 3 for sightseeing.

I had like 4 nights stay at the Boarding House for Fisheries at Poka which was at the bay of Ambon. Then the other 2 nights at Natsepa Hotel which was at the east.

My serving experience as a dentist brought me to wider experience in paediatric dentistry. I had my first half day giving dental health education and spent the other half day extracting teeth from more than 10 kids without injection anaesthesia rather than topical anaesthesia and then 4 kids I gave restorations. Don’t get me wrong but I kind of did 4 restorations on one kid. And I was really amazed that none of the children cried while I was extracting the tooth.

Mostly they had cavities but they also have leftover roots from their decidous tooth, so yeah it was indicated to be taken out.

The places we visited for dental health service was Hutumuri, Silale, and Seram Island.

I don’t have the photos while I was giving the treatment, but I had some selfies with the children. I hope you enjoy.

This is the kind of traveling I would live for. I am blessed to have experience this. Thanks to the Student Executive Board of Trisakti Dental Faculty. You guys did your best. I am proud to have such juniors like you.IMG_3437_800x533 IMG_3251_800x533 IMG_3274_800x533 IMG_3280_800x533 IMG_3286_800x533