Days of My Life

To Travel and to Grow

I have done a lot of traveling in the past weeks and what I had went through was amazing, extraordinary and worth it.

I traveled for family, love, friends, social work and my profession itself. I traveled to live my life.

I saw the culture in almost four different places.
Flying around and keeping my patience on hold.
Meeting people that teaches you a lot of things.
Having family around to call them home.
Expanding my knowledge in dentistry by working on several cases.
Networking through the international organization.

I grew.

I felt peace.

I am grateful.

I am happy.

And that is what matters the most, that you are happy to have passed everything in your life at once. Not many people can do what I do.

I am at the point where I am loving myself and keeping myself happy and content is what keeps me going most of the time.

And nothing else could compete what I have been through.