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First Time Traveling Alone

I had been alone in planes while traveling to one places but then I meet people who is ready to take me around and I am sure where I was going to stay. But in my legal age which is 21 I was finally able to travel alone with small budget.

I flew to Bali knowing that I am going to meet my english teacher while I was in India. I took the flight alone on the 21st of May 2014. When I arrived I already made an appointment with a couchsurfer who was willing to host me. His name was Mike and was very kind to pick me up at the airport at night. I told him I want to go out and have a small sightseeing, so he took mo to PotatoHead Bali.


Mike introduced me to his gang of friends who worked in the hospitality field which were high class hotels. We chat a bit and I was amazed by how young and enthusiastic they were in their career. I listened to their stories and was amazed they have gone through such hard times in a young age. I envy them because they had the chance to live and work in such a nice place in Bali.

Then the next day I went to see my old friend, Nafisa Parikh and her family. They wanted to spend a day to let the kids enjoy and have fun at WaterBom in Kuta. I had spent a lovely time with her family.


Then I took Nafisa and her brother to shop at Krisna Department Store. When we arrived Nafisa was amazed and spent her time shopping around some goods. She loved the place. After that we bought some Indonesian dinner that was located in front of Krisna. Then we got back to Nafisa’s Villa and had dinner.


My day did not end there just yet. I said goodbye to Nafisa and went to see Mike again at his friends place at Motel Mexicola. I was running out of my voice and felt a bit tired but his friends were very hospitable.

At the table I came to my realization that I was sitting with the manager of Motel Mexicola and the chef too. The manager told me loads of stuffs about working in bars and clubs. He was such an achiever and I honestly admired him for his hard work.

The manager was kind to let us have some of the finest cuisine and I really loved it.





The next day, Mike could not accompany me because he had to work, so I tindered around to see anyone available to accompany me to go see the beach. Then I met Christian at Moka Angsana.

Christian was from Barcelona but had been staying in Bali for a while as he was having some project done. Christian took me aorund with his bike around Jimbaran, Bali. He even took me to see what he was working on which is villa called Ombak Villa.

Then we got off to see the beach which is called Green Bowl. It was such a private beautiful beach. When I got there, there were only two or three people. I had some sunbathing and enjoyed the water.

Green Bowl was a cliff. And we to get to the beach we had to walk down from the cliff using stairs. At beach you can see small caves made by rocks. It was so beautiful and charming.

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I had to leave soon because my plane leaves at 18.00 which was delayed until it eventually left at 21.00. So I left the beach and went straight to Ngurah Rai International Airport.

As I landed back in Jakarta, I got back to my apartment using the Damri bus.

At the end of my 2 days 2 nights trip I did not spent much. I did not spent a bit on hotel rooms. I spent much on transportation and may be just one glass of chocolate. I had the benefits of meeting new people. It was a great way of getting to know life.

My trip was adventurous, and just then I realized I should explore more in life.