The Deantal Life

TDL.12 – Taking (men) Cases

Right now I am only focused on two things in my life:
– my training program to get certified as a dentist
– and my love life (I do not care how cheesy it sounds)

I have figure it out when it comes to dentistry. I don’t mind if I am having such a long time to finish it. Somehow I try not to take so much fuss about it. Even if I did I would need to go to a mental institution.

For now my dentist life is everything. I am trying to get certified by doing all the requirements. It is pretty much going slow.

It is also as slow as my love life. The same thing as my dentist life, I keep taking cases and try to fix the problem of their oral health. And then the same goes with my love life. I keep meeting men and found out he is just another case in my so-called love life.

It is hard to find the person that really clicks you. Almost in every men I dated or come into approach, I always find something wrong with them. I always can’t find the reason to stick around when something disgust me, most of them are their traits.

I also think that maybe I need to reflect on myself. Why do I keep attracting the wrong men? Seriously, even after I said no, and then I keep telling them that I do not cook, I will never be a submissive housewife, they need the urge for me to accept them.

The case is:
I can not accept them for what the man are
The man was willing to accept me for what I am

I mean why would these men want to be with someone who does not like them back?

It is such an irony that I also find myself in their shoes. But then the time I realize he can not accept me for what I am, I left right away. I do not need to be caught up in some love needy situation.

But every time I look back to the kind of men I dated or even the times I find myself taking bad actions, I learned and grew up a lot. I had a lot to think through. It’s also learning from my daily cases I work out in the clinic.

I listened to my self and the people around me. If I wanted something better than I thought there would be a way. It is a long shot but these journey is worth the time of my life.

I have 9 years left until I am 30 to finally settle down. I don’t mind if people calls me old virgin or whatever, I want to live the life even if that means I have to be single.

If I can’t find someone who really clicks me, I should not force myself. and neither should you.

Now I have learned to respect others by listening them but the first person you have to respect is what your heart truly says about how you feel.

Even when it comes dealing with men, if you agree to continue further romance then you should say it. If you don’t, you should not leave them hanging and bother you every now and then, so the best thing to do is that you should say it.

Then I realized something, I don’t want to get misdiagnosed because I needed to be nice, no, have some respect for yourself and say what you really feel. I know it sounds like breaking a bad news for the patient. Well that’s just how it is.

Find what’s wrong. Diagnose it. If you are able to fix it, then fix it. If you can’t let someone else do the job. And just pray that the prognosis would be good.