Growing up listening to Dido

I think the first time when I first to Dido was through her video clip: Hunter. I was in Nigeria by then. I was not so good listening to lyrics, but it was okay. Dido’s Hunter video was kind of cool by then, I was in the 6th grade and I used to turned up to MTV after I get home from school.

Then the next Dido encounter was when I was in the 7th Grade, it was the White Flag song, I almost did not realize she was the singer who sang Hunter. So I bought a one cassette of Dido’s Life for Rent album. I keep listening to the cassette all over again.

I was not into the local music, to me Dido was cool. I listend to the music while I read the lyrics. I listened her at home and in the car. She was not that big of a deal but her voice was just so cool and smooth, and it was easy to listen.

As a 7th grader I barely understand what was the song all about. I mean it was all about relationships, heartbreaks, one night stands, boredom, loneliness, life and so on. But I really don’t know about it that much, but I kept listening.

And ten year later, I listened back to the songs, and I still can relate to her. In so many ways, I felt the positions she was in. Well almost every song.

Life for Rent fits me well, it made me realize that I really need to grow up and take a grip of myself and stop fooling around at some point.

And then there is White Flag, it tells me there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling even after a breakup. Sometimes you have that feeling still hanging around you and that’s fine, there’s no need to feel ashame of missing the person who once used to makes you happy.

Lately I discovered the Quiet Times  is like this moment where you remember the good things you had with the person you love.
I miss you, I want you, and I can’t have you, you and your hand.

And then the VACATIONSHIP SONG: Sand in my Shoes. I smiled to myself when I heard this song.

What I learned from my listening to Dido is that, I should not regret the decision I made in the past. If I kept regreting then I might not grow well. And there won’t be any point of crying it out every night.

So everytime I have flashbacks memories I smile, and I feel great that I went through it, no matter how crazy, how good, how bad it is. It’s your life and story, and not even a single person could be in the same position as you are now. So enjoy and live it.


RANDOM FACT: She was born on the 25th of December under the Capricorn star and that is why I can relate to capricorns. Oh I love capricorn individuals they just have a voice of their own.