There is never a goodbye, it’s always See You Next Year

Last year was all about sailing to Komodo Island, a month which I took a leave from the clinic,

This year I took a trip to meet dentists all over the world.

Well they inspired me to do a lot in dentistry. I saw their projects and researches it was just awesome. Never thought I was so left behind. Hahaha… But before that I knew what I wanted to do. These dentist friends just encourage me to do a lot better.

I attended the 61st IADS & YDW Annual World Dental Congress and arrived the second day. Sadly… Cause I missed the Pool Party,but it was still cool.

The whole event had seminars, lecture contests, city tour, exchange nights, dental olympics and a lot more other stuffs. As the night goes by it goes really crazy, it’s a never ending story for everyone of us.

Participants came from all over the world with all kinds of attitudes.

I met the nice Fulla and Rowny from Sudan, Nat the pretty from Thailand, Jon from Singapore who was a such a great friend in listening to all my stories, Peter from Slovakia who insisted me on trying beer and pork, ah… and Fouad the SIP SIP GUY! Esti the great Indonesian host who was so cool in hosting the event, Andrey the Russian Mafia (LOL!)

And yeah it was such a sad goodbye in the last night of the event. Some of us continued to Bali but I went back to Jakarta.

The Sudan gang: Fulla, Rowny, Mahmoud, Talal and Bisho visited me in Jakarta and we all went shopping. Then a week later Andrey came to check up on Jakarta too.

So yeah, I missed the whole big family of IADS and how cool it could be sticking up to them. I am glad to have the dentist connection allover the world and everywhere I want to visit they are there.

And we never say goodbye, it is never a goodbye, it’s always “See You Next Year!”


#Pictures coming up soon