The Deantal Life

TDL.01 – Pilot

My life as a dental student isn’t actually that good. I also had a bad reputation in my early years. I was not capable of dealing with my emotions and myself which leads me to many destructive decisions. But beside that I decided to build another part of my life as a person who is very active in student organizations and so on.

My bad reputation started because of my lack of emotion stability. I always burst out my emotions. And I sometimes don’t get well with friends around me because I’d like to confront them in so many ways. I had a different way of thinking in my social life. Many things I do were considered to be taboo and negative. I didn’t have so many close friends.

But my interest were mostly on movies, fashion, public news, foreign affairs which really had nothing to do with dentistry I suppose, and from being vocal I gained other friends who are able to view me as intellectual, smart, witty and intelligent. I was stone headed though must of the time. I could still held my head high no matter the things that I’ve done right or wrong.

I had and IQ of 127, but emotional quotient was very low. My parents had never seen it as a disorder and I diagnosed myself as somewhat aspeger-ic. I was ambitious, and it was eating me up.

Yet, I did found what was making me happy. I enjoy being known not famous or what, but networking was fun to me. I know people who is mutual to other friends of mine and somehow my circle of friends were all connected togther.

I enjoyed making projects too, mostly social project. It gives me so much satisfactory to meet and help people. I gained another name as the soon to be dentist.

Somehow my life seems nice cause people knows me and I sometimes get unique chances Like sailing for a month or go to remote places and help people, but life is not always as beautiful as you seem it is. I do had most ups and downs and thats what you learn. Everything you learn from your mistakes helps you to get matured and helps you in making decision.

This The Deantal Life is a project into writing my life in.

So there is my introducion to the Deantal Life. I want you to prepare to what you’re gonna read next.  You can judge or nor judge, love or hate it. Call me liar or anything. It is a life of how imperfect it could be.