TDL.02 – Balancing Emotions

As i told you in the previous post I had an emotional imbalance and lack of emotional stability. I went to a psychiatrist and somehow I was diagnosed with depression. I was prescribed with drugs. Yest drugs, anti depressant drugs, called kalxetin mostly known as prozac.

And No, I did not become addicted. I had to reall be careful while I was on treatment. On the first week of using the anti depressant, I had so many side effects. It was horrible, from tremors and feeling sick and wanting to vomit. But later on it felt good. It really helped me. I was so stressed up before but I managed to deal with my clinic hours in dealing with patients, assistant preseptors and the preseptors or known as the supervisor itself. I knew how to hold on to.

I finally was able to control my emotions. I was not stressed. I was happy. I smiled a lot. Usually I make enemies, I was able to make everything easy.

But please, I am here to tell you the story of my life, I have no intention to suggest you buyinga dose of prozac for yourself. No. This is the story of how I learned to control my anger and my emotion stability.

I finally was able to reduce the intake of the drug and tried to ease my life. I could finally help myself in controlling mg anger and my emotions. Somehow I learned. There was not any withdrawal effect gladly. Beside that I decided to take less work and enjoy meeting new people and having flings here and there. I was okay until now.

The drugs helped me a lot in going through my life. Yes you could relate me to the character Carrie in the serial TV called Homeland, she was like me, dependable to drugs and somehow stressful in msny ways.

I dont regret taking prozac, it was a learnig mechanism I had to went through. It helped me in so manh ways. It was for the best. But if you are even taking drugs, take it easy, dont let the drugs control you. Thats what I did, I never let them take control of me. And I survived.

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  1. Halo, Dea! Nice blog layout 🙂

    Menurutku stress itu wajar banget, apalagi kita tinggal di kota besar dan harus ngadepin beragam jenis orang serta tuntutan hidup.. aku pribadi sih belum sampai harus minum obat, meskipun pernah disarankan demikian sama teman-teman. I hate drugs and the bitter taste on my tongue.. jadinya ya aku ketergantungan kopi, nonton film horror / psycho / dokumenter FBI Files, dan juga blogging.. Semua orang punya cara masing-masing buat ngontrol emosi dan kuharap kamu segera menemukan cara yang lebih baik daripada minum obat..

    Keep on writing. It relieves stress, too 😀

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