Dental Public Speaking

So getting stucked in the Public Health Stage had took off all the energy I had. There was a lot of paper work but it really was not my thing, so my friends did all of it, as I took over every presentation details such as making powerpoints and so on.

When we were even assigned in Public Health Center in Grogol Petamburan, they delegated all the presentations to me. Like all of it they trusted me to speak in front of the public. Well I am good at facing the kids and teaching them. I happened to have a loud voice so I took over all the shows 😛

Funny thing is after doing some prophylaxis in one of the schools, the kids were delegated for a free dental check up with other dental students, but they wanted me to do the check up. It was really cute.  And everywhere I’d go they’d call me like “Kak Dea” (read: kak is a saying for the elderly)

I remembered what Nafisa, a tuition teacher who taught me in the 2nd grade do. She really loved public speaking and people’s relations and she went on with that. She really loved what she did

Explaining to most of my friends about dental health and their oral problams made my friends trusted in the work I do and they all want me to do the job, but unfortunately I am just a dental student with less equipment provided by the dental hospital.

I don’t know what exactly I want, but I know being all scientific with dentistry is not my thing, in fact I am good at speaking through people to have good oral health.