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Susu Tumpah Di Jalan

On the 22th of January I volunteered myself with Indonesia Cobra Show to give free milk to the kids at Kota Tua in the event called SUSU TUMPAH DIJALAN which means Poured Milk on the Streets. It was a lovely afternoon with the crowds mingling in front of the Fatahillah Museum. I asked my friends to join volunteering too. We gathered the kids that have given the coupon for free milk

The kids of Kota Tua came from families with low income. I was kind of amazed that the parents had come and bring their children  at 1 pm when we’ve already informed them that we’ll be giving around 3 pm. I understand that to them free things are worth it to be waited. Especially its for the good of their children.

My friends and I were formed into small groups to give out the free milk. Each group consist of 6 volunteers that has to handle 25 children as there were 200 children that had been given the free milk.

The free milk came from donations and there were 600 milk donated to us. The rest of the milk would be donated again to orphan houses.

Before the children were given free milk, the children were entertained with Cobra Show by Indonesian Cobra Show. The aim was to educate the children about cobra with a fun and healthy way.