Why I chose to be Single?

When most people asked me why I am still single, why am I not dependable on someone, why am I not traveling in couples… Well to me there is no reason to do all that with someone. I seriously don’t find it ideal to be with someone all the time. Some other times I would like to stay single, alone and enjoy my silence.

The thing with getting married at a very young age is all about peer pressure. And everyone thinks it is the right thing to do cause if not then what else?

And why is it always a mandatory question whether I have a boyfriend or not. I am more than that, I am more than having to have a boyfriend clinging around. I am more than being with someone.

I am perfectly happy being single and yes I do want to be in a relationship but what if I have decided to not stay with someone who makes me way more miserable. Why be miserable when you can be happy single?

Relationships are hard. And trying to hold on to something that you know does not makes you happy is wasting a great deal of time. Maybe I could have said different things when I have children and so on but hey I am 21 and you don’t rush relationship, boyfriend and marriage.

I have learnt a lot. And I don’t mind if people says what I am doing is wrong. Even if I die tomorrow I would not regret the fact that I had a great deal of time.

The reason to stay single is to keep out from the mess that is not beneficiary at my age surely and having time to do a lot of things and be someone I’d never think of.