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Beef Rendang Calzone and One Two Tea by @JJRoyalBistro

Just last week, I went with a group of friends to try this sort of new place at Senayan City, Jakarta. We went through a bunch of menus from different restaurants that was displayed at the entrance of each restaurant at the lower ground floor of Senayan City. Nothing compelled us or challenged us to try. The menus were too familliar but a bistro made us stop at one point and made us wanted to try the place so bad because of it’s interior design, JJ ROYAL BISTRO.

We got in and looked at the menu card. There were many interesting foods to try on and I couldn’t wait to taste it. My friend and I decided to share Beef Rendang Calzone because the portion was pretty huge, and I ordered a cake because I was so much craving one: One Two Tea.

I wanted a cake because I love cakes and wanted something sweet to taste so I ate the cake first and didn’t bother it for dessert. It felt so good. It had that green tea taste within the cake and something vanilla-ish cream and nothing was never too sweet. It was excellent and perfect.



Then the Beef Rendang Calzone came. Nothing looked so delicious to mee that day. Just like any other Calzones, the beef rendang was covered by the crispy bread. I was more eager to choose this because not of the Calzone or the beef rendang itself, but I tempted to feel the mozarella and mayonaisse in the dish. My friend and I cut the dish into half. And inside the half cut calzone you can see the rice, rendang, and mozarella. I can’t wait any longer so I tasted it and it felt so great.

I felt the mozarella melting in my mouth and the beef rendang just makes it more better. I know it sounds so complicated but the taste or whatever it is complicated and yummy. It melted so good and I kept wanting more. And taking bites to feel the melt that is too good to be true.Jpeg


There were many other things in this restaurant that intrigued me. It was the spicy hanging bowl that were presented on the table. The place itself is so elegant that I feel like taking one home. Can anyone tell me where to by this kind of stuff? I’d like to have it. Ah it would be on my wedding registry list!

When talking about interior design, the bistro itself was made for a a family dine. Yet the designs are inspired from the europe (see the ceilings) and the sets of furnitures are futuristic. It’s like watching an old epsisode of Star Wars.Jpeg The ranging prices differs from the menu you choose. And you really get for what you pay.

When you come and visit this place, make sure you chose something that is out from the ordinary, and indulge your tongue with the best way. And don’t forget to at least try different cake at a time, cause you might not now what you might find!