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Conducting a Talkshow to Inspire Dentists

I was assigned to be the event coordinator of PSMKGI (Indonesia’s Dental Student’s Association) Jakarta Region Reunion which was held on the 9th of June. And at first I had many ideas and guest speakers I want to call but then dute to the time and budget we decided to call the dentists that we really know. I called drg. M. Tryanza Maulana to be our speaker cause he was the previous secretary general of PSMKGI, and then the Project Office wanted drg. Zaura Kiswarina Anggraeni, a public dental health expert and the head of PDGI (Indonesia’s Dnetist Union). And suddenly at Friday Morning drg Zaura called off to be the speaker. I was confused and quickly contacted the project officer from Moestopo University, Gavrilla. Thank God Gavrilla was able to cover me in last minute and went to see drg. Paulus Januar, the dean of Dental Faculty, Moestopo University, to make an appointment with him to speak at the event.

As the event coordinator I put a theme to the talkshow: “How to be a Dentist who works and contributes in the name of nationalism”. I decided to pull out this theme because it bothered me a lot to see my dental student friends to be so apathetic and only cares about wealth and and those fancy stuffs and won’t do anything for the society.

Even though I arrived late at the event I coordinated I was able to help the committee prepare and make layouts for the speakers to present. drg. Paulus Januar talked about being a dentist who advocates other dentists as a signed of nationalism. I volunteereed to be the moderator when drg. M. Tryanza talked about the three sectors that dentists could work and contribute much.

Overall I am satisfied. Overall I love the idea of making a talkshow that could inspire dentist. And I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do cause I had to run around in heels, then moderating a talkshow and making sure everything is fine and going as it is while moderating the talkshow itself. If it weren’t for the work experience and the ability to communicate and seeking the real problem that dentists lack of, I wouldn’t be able to pull this off.

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