Introducing Dental Health to Kids… (a dental student view)

For the past few days I have been studying about Pediatric Dentistry in college. In Pediatric Dentistry, we discussed not only about primary teeth but young permanent teeth in kids.

It is recommended that when a child grows their first tooth at the age of six months, the parents should take their child to the dentist. So the dentist could educate the parents about introducing Dental Health to kids. We could start dental health from the beginning of the child’s life once their tooth erupts.

When babies drink their milk from the nursing bottle, parents have to make sure the baby drink water after drinking the milk. This is done to clean the mouth cavity, so that any bacteria or microorganism isn’t left behind while the baby is sleeping.

As new primary teeth start to erupt, we could start a preventive action to avoid damage to the teeth. The preventive action consist of: brushing your teeth twice a day, food diet and minimizing the consumption of sucrose.

When the first permanent teeth erupts such as the Molar at the age of six. It is also recommended that parents request for fissure sealant for their kids, so that bacteria and microorganism won’t get inside the fissures of the anatomy of the tooth.

If your child tells you that their teeth hurts when it is stimulated by food, don’t think it is nothing. It might be the early symptoms or a further process of infection of the pulp. if unfortunately your child’s dental health is poor this could lead to caries which would damage the teeth.

Caries is formed through the factors that contributed in its formation, such as host, time, microorganisme and saliva.

An education of oral health is very important to introduced in an early stage of life, because it could affect both physical and psychological health.