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A Visit to the Children’s Cancer Ward

Today I visited the Children’s Cancer Ward and I was touched by the spirits of the children that was infected with cancer. It was a lovely day when I met those children.

I went to the Children’s Cancer Ward with HES Community because it was their program. We entertained the children with coloring and playing. We get to talk to those kids and make them feel happy. It was a joyful moment and make me want to stay much more longer.

When you see those kids, you will want to thank GOD for all the blessings and such good health you have. Most of the children got Retinoblastoma which made their eye to be amputated. It was not so much of a good view and it will make their self esteem go down but we try to make them happy. We knew that these children have hopes and dreams, and my only hope for them is them to get well soon.

I did not feel that I am the one entertaining those cancer children, but I felt I was the one entertained by them. Their hearts are so big and lovely. They have big dreams that I believe one day will ome true.