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TDL.05 – The Mid Year Congress of Indonesia’s Dental Students Association

This is my first so called pre national meeting of Indonesia’s Dental Students Association. Well it is the mid year congress and to name it the pre national meeting would be awkward and somehow inefficient. And why in the world would there be a mid year meeting of a dental student association?

PSMKGI or the Indonesia’s Dental Students Association was founded 15th October 0f 1989 in Jogjakarta with 9 Universities as the founder. Currently we have 23 members from 23 universities.

logo psmkgi

And now we are in the middle of the meeting of the congress. The organizing committee is from the dental students of Jenderal Ahmad Yani University. And they are very hospitable in hosting the event

We discussed about our programs for the past year and take suggestions and advices within our members to improve the work of each commission and bureau. It is very important to keep touch and getting to know within the members, as we have around more than hundred members. Then the organization needs to talk about the progress and evaluate of each programs by each commission and bureau.

The event is held from 20th to the 23rd of March. Our congress starts at 08.00 till we finish every details that we talked about. The event takes place in Villa Indah Bunga, Lembang, Bandung Indonesia.

We had the meeting in a big hall with the desks formed in the letter U. We also had three presidiums to manage the meeting so that it would be held the right way.

This is my first meeting. Yes I don’t have many things to talk but I was able to participate within the congress. It was cool. I get to meet many people and understand each problems from each commission and bureau,
Here are some live updates from the event.