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Category: The Deantal Life

The Deantal Life is a series of how a young adult woman struggles to become a dentist as she juggles it up with personal issues, family issues, social issues, love issues, career issues and sex issues.

TDL.14 – Life Drama

I have not written about my TDL diaries, well the truth is I ain’t got no drama. But today someone’s drama existed. I mean not just someone. It is also a whole bunch of other people. And unfortunately I had been missing a lot on people’s drama especially the drama that has been coming from my dental school friends. I am not going to write it in my view cause it would be harsh to do so, and so I am going to be the happy person who is just happy enough to watch their life timeline pass under my nose.

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TDL.13 – “I do not want to get stucked at one place”

My biggest fear is to get stucked in one place for a long time and never having the chance to travel. And just now I met someone that brought my spirit back to life.

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TDL.12 – Taking (men) Cases

Right now I am only focused on two things in my life:
– my training program to get certified as a dentist
– and my love life (I do not care how cheesy it sounds)

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TDL.11 – The Flirting Patient

I am sorry for writing this. It may sound UNETHICAL but sometimes I find myself in a very… Difficult situation. Like really the reversible pulpitis kind of situation, the kind of should I extract this tooth or not. I do social networking so much that my patients comes from a friend of a friend. And it always goes like that. Over and over again. But the thing is sometimes they don’t know how to behave. Like seriously when they meet me, they find me attractive and nice, well yes I have to, because it is the only way to keep my patient calm, relax and secure. Sometimes they take my niceness the wrong way.

They start asking me personal questions where you’d find these questions only if you are dating with this guy.

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TDL.10 – Teaching how to make a dental project

Not long ago I was approached by some of my fellow 1st year juniors in Dental Faculty. They wanted me to share about the Indonesian…

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TDL.09 – A Kiss goes Non Vital

Non Vital is the term for a dead tooth. When the tooth goes non vital it passes the stages of a messy sensation. Same as…

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TDL.08 – A not so Submissive-Housewife

I hate the idea that Female Dentist is an ideal job for a career-submissive-housewife. I am not saying that being a housewife doing all the…

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TDL.07 – When a Dentist Settles

Having an aunt, a cousin brother and a soon in law cousin sister as a dentist does has it’s own perks. You have a family-colleague…

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TDL.06 – Men-DentRaction

Men have issues when it comes to women, especially with female dentists! Actually I am getting bored in knowing men and especially when they know…

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