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Uniquely Aceh in Modern Day Islam

Aceh offered a whole new of Islamic Experience. I went to Aceh to do some Dental Health Service but I also enjoyed the city. The people were very kind and hospitable. The foods are also amazing. And the city, though its hot, it has so many to offered.

While you are in Aceh it is compulsory to visit the coffee shops cause it is so famous in there that almost every corner of the city you can find it. And believe it or not, even in the rural areas of Aceh has coffee shop that comes with wifi.

The city itself is very modernistic. After the tsunami, the roads were done. Buildings were rebuilt. And many more tourism sites that offers the knowledge of Aceh itself and the tragedy of Tsunami.

Well, while you are in Aceh, make sure you especially muslim women wear a hijab. I know sometimes it’s annoying to have to wear something that could worsen the condition but it’s a rule. It’s what makes Aceh so unique despite how modern it is, it’s still had to go with the syariah rule. Aceh is a portray of Modern Day Islam.