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A whole new experience of having to travel for 25 days on a navy ship. We lived like the navy from sleeping in bunk beds, showering together, having meal at the lounge with plate cans and morning assemblies. It was a whole new experience. People thought I would not survive it but I proved to them that I can live through it.

KRI Makasaar 590 is designed to be able to pick up passengers and as a landing platform dock to operate the LCU which are the small boats. KRI Makassar can also have two helicopters parked on the helideck. Well on the event of LNRPB/KPN Sail Komodo 2013, the helideck was used as the place where we gather and be given the lectures and public knowledge.

I also had the chances to visit the pavilion where they operated the ship, the machine room, the lounges, I’ve visited almost everything. What I love the most is the public lounge room below the G deck, where I mostly gathered with friends. We talked a lot, about the ship and everything else.

I made a lot of new friends with the navy, and all the navy knew me is the dentist. They were all calling Doctor everywhere ago. Firstly they thought that I am still in High School, and then I told them that I am on the way to be a dentist. Not many believed but its okay. Eventually they did believed it through the pictures of me operating as a Dentist in training.

I missed the ship a lot. I like walking around and see the sea, feel the breeze. Enjoying the sun. It felt like a never ending journey. Well let;s not talk about the food. It’s soldiers’ food, let’s not expect something great from it except that it could fill our stomach

The ship had many to offer, it offered such experience that not all of the youth can have. It offers a whole knew knowledge on the Indonesian maritime. The culture of the Indonesian Navy cause not all navy comes from the same place. The beauty of the sea. The devotion towards your country. And every aspect and taste that you can find in a family.

KRI Makassar 590 is truly an unforgettable life time experience.

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