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Dental Charity Service in Ambon

Finally it was my turn in the clinical year so that I could do my charity work as a requirement to finish dental school. The yearly committee that flies the clinical students for charity work chose AMBON, MOLLUCAS, INDONESIA to have done the charity work there.

I am not afraid to go to ambon even though the ugly rumors about the fights might still be going on. And when I arrived there, my friends and I were greeted by the dancers (which were of course hired by the committee) totally impressed. I had a six nights stay, 3 days for social work and the other 3 for sightseeing.

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Historical Sana’a – Yemen

When people found out I am traveling to Yemen, most of them were confused and bizzared with questions such as “Why Yemen?” I did not choose Yemen and was also confused how could I answer that.┬áSo the thing is my father was posted there and I was also visiting my parents and see how the things in Yemen.


1st Jakarta Dentistry Social Project

Pagi-pagi jam 5 subbuh, saya dan beberapa mahasiswa FKG Trisakti berangkat dari grogol bersama-sama menggunakan transportasi umum, Transjakarta. Kami berangkat berdelapan menuju Cawang UKI kemudian…

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Belajar Menggemari Museum

Mungkin bagi beberapa orang mengunjungi museum itu sangat membosankan, sangat kuno, sangat basi, namun bagi saya itu adalah pengalaman yang menyenangkan. Bagi anak-anak masa kini…

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Suramadu Bridge

This is the Suramadu Bridge. It is the bridge that connects Surabaya and Madura. It was inaugurated some months before these pictures were taken. This…

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